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  Got a fountain pen for my signature to dots postcard ! Great it ! Red.
ホンモノ証明サインの すっごい万年筆 やったぁ!一生モノ!だよぉ


   The 16 Gods of dots around The Mandara's BBONJI in Japan. I can do. We can do everything.
曼荼羅 梵字 のチカラ  16ノ神 が集合 全ての運を絶対向上します  あなたなら?どの神?

Butterflies flit from flower to Dream. Normal Version.   羽ばたけ夢から夢へ 永遠の気持

 My name is MOMO^^!


無事カエル君 大盛況 The Frog to your Safty of dots.

I mede some the New Luky Postcard to my next step of Dream and will be happiness to all people.
新しい 幸福 お守りポストカード 制作中
そのうち おめみえさせてください 幸福ミッション こいつらやる気絶対



I have to do peace in the world with this God .
I can have many Children of super dot's God to will be peace in the world because
we live on just on the Earth. I can do !
We can do it ! No more..... please..... I will be feeling... approaching other Planet Creature

I am a New GOD on the Earth. Same human.


阿弥陀如来(kamakura) Amida-myorai in Japan

無限の光をもつもの 無限の寿命をもつもの 無量光仏 無量寿仏ともいう
無明の現世をあまねく照らす光の仏にして 空間と時間の制約を受けない仏である




I made some New postcards to your happiness and will be peace.and.....
Please wait to meet their. Coming soon at Shibuya in Japan. Not yet put the one of
the World Taka's Stamp of Archetype on ALL my dots children.


All Everything make by dots in the world's a thing,looks like the Galaxy.
Please,You can leave color to your imagination because My drawing don't has it.
I want to value this kind of sensitivility.

祈願成就  Achieving your's dreams.


I am Taka. I am dotdrawing artist. I am in Japan.
You can get a luck when if you look at it. Just only an one moment, please
There are my children to dream.

My Postcards has the super power to dream in the world people.



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